The Training



(OCT 18TH)

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SKILL SKOOL SOCCER will be offering its annual winter program and will be back again at OFF THE WALL SPORTS, Carmel, IN. Training will take place for 7 consecutive weeks.  We shall also provide ideas of how players can better train in their own time.  We will utilize  a library of  videos, demonstrating exercises that can be done at home, complimenting the sessions and the players' continued development through their season.  Elite players will be required 2 hours  of homework with a ball. Providing the correct maintenance and development in the off season or just simply wanting to touch a ball in a fun environment, Skill Skool Soccer has it all for your soccer player and future #skillskooler.

  • Classes will start on or after NOVEMBER 5th. Classes will meet once per week, and will continue for 7 straight weeks.

  • Sign-up starts SEPTEMBER 1.

  • All Elite classes require participant to be playing or have 2 years of travel experience. All Non-Elite classes will follow the same curriculum but will be tailored to the rec-travel ability of the player.