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Skill Skool Soccer focuses on the individual soccer skills infrequently taught in the team environment. Team skills and tactics are only valuable once the player has mastered the individual skills of dribbling, turning, receiving, passing and striking the ball. These are the skills the soccer player needs to break down a defense in 1 v 1 confrontations on the pitch. As player skill increases with age, the ability to break down a defense in 1 v 1 situations becomes increasingly important. The time to develop these skills is early in the players career so they can be mastered and leveraged later.
"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."—Pelé
Skill Skool Soccer is a revolutionary way of soccer training. The program aims to compliment any player's team training with simple step by step technical exercises that will provide the player with greater ball mastery. The drills provided focus on individual skills and aim to be unique, challenging and entertaining for the player. More than 500 exercises have been created in increasing levels of difficulty. Training can be accomplished by either individual or group training sessions or by subscribing to Skill Skool Soccer's library of videos demonstrating the exercises. Additionally, Skill Skool Soccer has recognized the importance of visual feedback in the mastery of specific ball skills. Matt brought this technology to soccer training after observing coaching in other individual sports like golf and tennis where video technology is the norm. Video technology allows the player to see their technique in a way not otherwise possible and, hence, allows for quicker recognition and correcting of deficiencies.
"I am building a fire, and every day I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match."—Mia Hamm
Skill Skool Soccer will empower the player by assessment of skill level, analyzing technique, personalized training to work on specific areas providing homework through video podcasting to fulfill the overall potential of the player. Skill Skool Soccer presently works with over 15 division 1 collegiate players, elite level club players and players of recreational level. Skill Skool Soccer emphasizes the need for CORE TECHNICAL TRAINING at all levels to all ages.

The Lesson

Skill Skool offers private and small group instruction that will work on the CORE TECHNICAL AREAS of the game. Through repetition and video analysis, the player(s) will develop quicker and full fill their overall potential. Skill Skool Soccer will also support the player to provide them the necessary drills to work on their own at home, in the back yard, or at the park. Membership to Skill Skool Podcast will compliment the lesson and will be a key component in the homework set through the group lesson.

The Camp

Skill Skool Soccer will offer camps throughout the year and will focus on providing CORE TECHNICAL TRAINING that would both compliment personalized training, the video podcasts and the individuals team training. Skill Skool Soccer will offer day camps, week long camps and weekly camps. All camps will be ran under the direction of Skill Skool founder Matt Blackbourne. Check out the sessions link at the top of the page for further information on upcoming opportunities and camp.

The Homework

At the forefront of Skill Skool is the knowledge that repetition must become the priority to any single players training. Training can lack the necessary repetition due to the boredom it sometimes brings. Skill Skool will provide the player with video that will compliment their team activity. Lesson plans and technical guidance will be given to ensure correct practice and will provide creative ideas for the committed player to practice and master the ball. Subscription based training in the future.
“The visual piece is central to the players ability to learn ball mastery. Skill skool soccer’s use of video technology will better serve the player and their overall soccer dev elopment.”—Matt Blackbourne